Organizational Programs

  • Site Visits

ABC student chapters should plan site visits to the offices and construction sites of member companies near the participating school. Trips can be coordinated by the student chapter members and/or the local ABC chapter. Visiting construction sites exposes students to the work environment, including safety aspects and the latest technological advances in the construction industry.

  • Community Service Projects

Many ABC student chapters engage in community service work by volunteering their time and skills to benefit the surrounding community. Service projects can be held solely by the student chapter or in conjunction with a pre-planned community event. Student chapters are also encouraged to get involved with the local ABC chapter’s community outreach efforts.

  • Get Involved with the Local ABC Chapter

Student chapters should reach out to the nearest ABC chapter to take advantage of their industry knowledge. Student chapters might ask the ABC chapter staff to speak at a meeting on campus or attend the local ABC chapter monthly meetings. Other events and benefits student chapters should inquire about with the local ABC chapters include networking events, discounts on safety and management education courses or opportunities to job shadow chapter staff.

  • Fundraising

Student chapters rely heavily on fundraising efforts to finance its projects, activities and travel expenses. While the sponsoring ABC chapter or member company can assist with fundraising on behalf of students, the student chapter should host fundraising events as well.

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